Working under the direction Hood College Professor of Biology Drew Ferrier, Hood College students have initiated a series of research projects pertaining to Culler Lake. Projects include:

  • A bathymetric evaluation of the lake’s bottom, which is useful in understanding the shape of the lake basin and how the present-day lake compares with original grading plans from the 1930’s. This effort will be especially timely since the anecdotal reports that the lake is 4 feet at its deepest is disputed by some long-time city employees. The effort will also help gauge the depth of the lake bottom versus the thickness of lake sediment resting on the bottom.
  • Water quality and biological sampling, which will be useful in establishing a baseline for current lake water quality before the storm-water mitigation projects and other water improvement efforts begin. An analysis of phosphates, nitrogen, and solids will be included in the water-quality portion, while a determination of the amount of algae in the lake will be the focus of the biological sampling.

When necessary, students will use small inflatable rafts to take samples. Students are aiming to present preliminary findings at the Friends of Baker Park Annual meeting on May 13.