Earlier this year, the Board of Directors of the Friends of Baker Park meet with the intent of developing a strategic plan. The work done over several work sessions with a grant from Joseph D. Baker Family Fund, Inc., and with the assistance of Greg Powell of Powell Management Resources is critical to the future success of the organization as it will help guide key decisions and provide structure to our ongoing efforts.

One area of significance is marketing and promotion of the organization to meet the larger goal of strengthening the organization through growth of an inclusive base of members, supporters, and users. As we began to look more closely at our existing efforts we identified the need for a new image or brand starting with the logo.

The new logo takes its inspiration from the Culler Lake wedding cake style fountain a prominent feature in Baker Park. It also merges arts and crafts and art deco styling and typography, only fitting given the park was established in 1927. While taking inspiration from the 20s and 30s the new logo has a modern look and feel. 

The Board as a whole decided before we create any new marketing pieces, update the website, or expand our social media usage our image needed to become more aligned with the audience we want to attract. “The old logo served us well for a very long time, but the logo will help us attract new people to our cause and gives us new energy as we look to the years ahead,” said Peter Brehm, President of Friends of Baker Park.