Overseen by City of Frederick Transportation Planner Tim Davis, the tunnel connector and allied pathways between Baker Park and Waterford Park have been structurally completed, linking the western portion of the shared use path that once stopped in Waterford Park with the eastern portion that ended in Baker Park at Route 15. Completed tasks include:

  • Installation of the tunnel under the Route 15 on/off ramp;
  • Paving of the asphalt and pervious pavement on the pathways between Route 15 and the tunnel and between the tunnel and the existing pathway in Waterford Park;
  • Installation of a bridge over Carrol Creek;
  • Insulation of all electrical conduits and tunnel lighting;
  • Upgrading of the sidewalk on Rosemont.

Next up, with completion slated to occur by late August, are:

  • Lighting along the path;
  • Final grading and site repair;
  • Landscaping;
  • Fence and railing installation;
  • The addition of a guardrail on the on/off ramp;
  • Installation of pet waste stations in the area;
  • Tree planting;
  • Tunnel touchup.

A ribbon cutting is planned once the site work is completed; a tentative opening of August 29 has been announced.

Planner Tim Davis noted, “ this is the single most important link for bicyclist and pedestrians in the City, bringing safety and access for all to entire west and east sides of the City”

Friends of Baker Park President, Peter Brehm, reported that the Friends of Baker Park are enthusiastic about this transportation enhancement. “This bike/pedestrian link between the west and east sides of Frederick will connect neighbors and neighborhoods as well as foster people getting to and taking advantage of Waterford Park, Baker Park, and the Carroll Creek Linear Park,” he stated, adding “Friends of Baker Park is working closely with Tim and City to complete upgrades to the shared use path between Fairview Avenue and West College Terrace in order to optimize biker and walker experience along the complete length of this path.”