With thanks to the several teams of families and individuals who are maintaining flower beds in Baker Park, we will have other opportunities this spring, summer, and fall to help maintain the park. These include:

Food Forest maintenance: We’ll need periodic help to mulch, water, and weed whack around the food forest saplings planted at the bottom of the hill between Schifferstadt and Carroll Creek. The trees and interpretive sign, purchased and installed through generous support from the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, are an exciting and educational addition to this room in Baker Park.

Urban Forest Management: Urban forests are not natural and suffer from invasive vines (examples: wild grape, hops), bushes (example: bush honeysuckle), and trees (example: Mulberry), each of which deteriorates the health of the forest environment. We’ll undertake team efforts to chop out / pull up / remove these invasive in order to allow the native trees to flourish. The