If you are a community-minded person who loves the smell of soil and rain and finds working in a garden brings a sense of well-being, you may be interested in volunteering to adopt a garden in Baker Park. Friends of Baker Park’s Adopt-a-Garden Program allows members to stake a claim for an area of the park to keep weed-free and beautiful for one year.

Volunteers will be assigned a site on a first come, first-served basis. You may choose from a list of available sites or suggest a site to be kept weed free. To keep the garden sites looking beautiful, it is assumed the gardener will weed the site once or twice a month during the spring, summer, and fall. For maintenance of your site, garden weeders will need to supply their own tools and yard waste bags. Filled yard waste bags can be left next to any trash can for City removal. Garden adopters are not expected to install plantings or spread mulch, though if either is of interest contact Peter Brehm (see below) so that we can coordinate City approval and any needed reimbursement.

If you don’t wish to take on the full responsibility of a garden site, perhaps you would be interested in assisting another gardener at his/her site. Your interest and availability can be matched with another gardener.


  1. Carillon area: Rhoades garden bed closest to the Culler fountain (already adopted!)
  2. Carillon area: Rhoades garden bed closest to the Baker Park carillon
  3. Carillon area: Any section between fountain and carillon – north side
  4. Carillon area: Any section between fountain and carillon – south side
  5. Garden near tennis courts (around porta potties) at corner of West Second and College Avenue
  6. West College Terrace: garden north side of road over bridge
  7. West College Terrace: garden south side of road over bridge
  8. Call or email to suggest a site!

To participate in Adopt-a-Garden and request a site — or suggest one of your own – please fill out the volunteer application form and mail it to Friends of Baker Park, PO Box 4146, Frederick, MD 21705. Once we receive your form, someone will be in contact with you.